Pension Savings Information System

Komtel, in cooperation with company Carana, USA, has implemented project Development of IT System for KPST (Kosovo Pension Savings Trust). This complex project comprises of delivery of hardware (Servers, PC computers, printers and accessories), development of WEB Module for data exchange with employers and institutions and development of VBA Module for internal users (extensive data processing, searching, sorting and presentation and reporting).

WEB Module enables KPST to exchange the data, documents and messages with external entities involved in the process cycle (Tax Administration, Banking and Payment Authorities of Kosovo, Central Processing Centre of UNMIK, and employers). The users can Transfer, Validate, Process the data and receive automatic response (e.g. filled form of Pension Declarations and Payments or exception reports) through the internet. They can also do selective data entry and use display utilities. The users can post questions or raise inquiries and receive the answers for authorised KPST personnel. Internal users can use the same options through the intranet.

The VBA Module (used by internal users – KPST Staff) enables the further validation and processing of the data, taking evidence of the status of data in KPST process cycle. This module is used especially for the processes that require the full engagement of KPST hardware resources. In this module are performed the processes of reconciliation of the pension declarations and payments and the allocation of the contributions to the individual accounts. The powerful search and sort engine enables the users to display the necessary data about the contributions and payments for employees, employers, financial institutions and banks during the whole KPST process cycle. The Accounting, Investment and Financial parts of the applications has to deal with the Investment Management in KPST, Asset managers, Investment portfolios and member portfolios.  This project included also delivery of computer equipment including servers, workstations, firewalls, printers, etc;  

Both modules enables management of Members Personal data, Address data, Data related to Designated Beneficiaries (Succesors), Family members Data, Bank account details, etc

2002 – 2004. Implemented in partnership with Carana (USA). Project supervised by World Bank