Official Gazette DMS

The Database of Normative Acts – Database of Official Gazette of Republic of Kosovo (OGDB) serves as official repository for all laws and sub-normative acts in force in Kosovo and allows officials and the public to have easy access to those acts.

Software for the Database of Normative Acts allows uploading normative acts by authorized persons from authorized institutions; provide workflow for translating some of categories of acts, technical editing, preparation and publishing of uploaded acts, and in same time downloading and printing acts by all users.

Software for the Database of Normative Acts allows the archiving and preservation of records, reporting and compilation of statistics.

Database of Normative Acts is easy searchable for all interested parties

Software for the Database of Normative Acts is composed from two separate and independent software applications accessing the same database.

First software application is dedicated to public for searching, browsing, printing, downloading acts, reports and statistics. This part of software do not allow to public access to any part of internal application dedicated to manage processes and workflows for normative acts management.

Second software application was dedicated to government officials and Office of Official Gazette of Kosovo to manage all internal processes and workflows to upload and manage normative acts until final publishing of normative acts, making them accessible to public and all interested parties.

Separate module for administration of the SW application module is dedicated to manage users, security, and administration of system.

In June 2013, Software for the Database of Normative Acts was hosted by Agency for Information Services (AIS), published and made accessible for public and government officials.

Implementation of new Contract for Upgrade of Software of OGDB (including improvement of system software infrastructure, advanced functionalities, mobile phone application, improved data security, backup / restore procedures) is going on.