Building of 110/10kV Substation Gjilani 5

Komtel Project Engineering, in capacity of local contractor of ALSTOM, Switzerland, has taken part on building of the new 110/10kV Substation Gjilani 5, grant of government of Switzerland (SECO). Komtel’s scope of the work included:

  • Design, assembling, installation, testing and commissioning of the Substation AC/DC power supply system and metering system (SE circuit breaker, MCBS and materials)
  • Assembling and installation of the Substation Control System Cubicles (SE micom C264)
  • Assembling and installation of the relay protection Cubicles (SE protection relays (SE Micom P132, P437, P633, P746, P991)
  • Design and erection of the substation building, basements of the high voltage (HV) and medium voltage (MV) equipment in switchyard, cable channels in switchyard and inside the building, lighting, internal roads, fence and gate of the Substation
  • Erection of steel structures in the switchyard
  • Erection of all electromechanical HV and MV equipment: transformer, circuit breakers, disconnectors, surge arrestors, bus bar system

April 2011 – October 2012