Deçani Valley Cascade 110kV Grid Connection

Kelkos Energy (KELAG, Austria) – HPP Decani valley cascade 110kV grid Connection

Project included design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, testing and commissioning of the:

  • 110 kV outdoor switchgear for transformer TR 3 bay (circuit breaker, disconnector, CTs, VTs, transformer neutral CT, surge arresters)
  • 36 kV gas-insulated switchgear SE CBGS-0
  • Substation control system (BCU SE Micom C264)
  • Relay protection (SE Micom P132, P632, P139, P445, P991) and automatic voltage controller
  • Integration in local RTU and in central Scada/EMS of KOSTT
  • Substation metering system and integration in KOSTT AMR System
  • Auxiliary service supply system (SE circuit breaker, MCB and materials)
  • Training for SCS (SE BCU), SE protection relays and metering system
  • Civil works on the foundations of power transformer, HV and MV equipment, outdoor and indoor cable channels, road and substation gate,
  • Mechanical works on the support structures for HV and MV equipment, cable trays, transformer oil pit fire protection covers
  • Installation and commissioning of oil separator

Partner: Kelkos Energy (KELAG, Austria)

September 2013 – July 2014.